Pesticide TECH

Methylamino abamectin benzoate (salt) TECH
Product name Epimethylamino-4''-deoxyavermectin b1a and b1b benzoates; emamectin,benzoate
CAS RN 137512-74-4;155569-91-8
EINECS No. 200-831-0
Molecular structural formula
Molecular formula C49H77NO13
Molecular weight 888.13
Uses It is a new, highly effective, low toxic, safe, pollution-free, no residual biological insecticidal acaricide that can only can replace 5 kinds of high toxic pesticides in the world. It owns highest activity, wide insecticidal spectrum, non-drug resistance , stomach poison and tag function. It can be used for mites, lepidoptera, coleoptera pestswith the highest activity; or used in vegetables, tobacco, tea, cotton, fruit trees and other economic crops; especially it offers a super high efficiency for red zone tortricid, smoke aphid noctuid, tobacco sphinx, diamondback moth, beet leaf moth, cotton bollworm, tobacco sphinx, dryland greed beetle, and lachey, brushed grain noctuid, dish of rice powder, cabbagepest, tomato sphinx, beetle insect pest of potato, etc.

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