Pesticide TECH

Cyhalofop butyl ester TECH
Product name (R)-butyl 2-(4-(4-cyano-2-fluorophenoxy)phenoxy)propanoate; Cyhalofop butyl; CYHALOFOP-BUTYL; (R)-butyl 2-(4-(4-cyano-2-fluorophenoxy)phenoxy)propanoate cyhalofop butyl ester; XDE 537; Propanoic acid, 2-4-(4-cyano-2-fluorophenoxy)phenoxy-, butyl ester, (2R)-; cyhalofop-butyl (pa iso, ansi); (2R)-2-(4-(4-Cyano-2-fluorophenoxy)phenoxy)propanoic acid butyl ester; Butyl (R)-2-[4-(4-cyano-2-fluorophenoxy)phenoxy]propionate; Methyl(R)-2-[4-(3-chloro-5-trifluoromethyl-2-pyridyloxy)phenoxy]propionate; Cyhalofop-butyl TC; Cyhalofop-butyl [ISO]; CCRIS 9267; Clincher; HSDB 7272; Propanoic acid, 2-(4-(4-cyano-2-fluorophenoxy)phenoxy)-, butyl ester, (2R)-; butyl (2R)-2-[4-(4-cyano-2-fluorophenoxy)phenoxy]propanoate
CAS RN 9002-86-2; 93050-82-9
EINECS No. 200-831-0
Molecular formula [C2H3Cl]n
Molecular weight 62.4982
Uses Its products are widely used in light industry, building materials, agriculture, daily life, packaging, power, public utilities and so on. It is used in construction, transportation, machinery and instrument, electronics, chemical industry, agriculture, food packaging, etc.

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